In English I, we do a variety of projects throughout the year. Below you will find a list of the projects with their due dates and a brief description.

  • T.V. COMMERCIAL: due 10.13.10
    • In groups, or individually (students' choice), create a t.v. commercial. They may choose their product/service/cause. If it is not recorded, it must be performed for the class on the due date. 
  • 8 parts of speech presentations: due 9.9.10
    • In groups of 2 or 3 students study and collaborate to create a presentation with a visual aid over their assigned part of speech.
  • Poetry notebook: due 9.21.10
    • Individually, students create a poetry notebook, which includes 7 original poems and 7 poems published by the master poets, such as Shakespeare, Dickinson, Whitman, Hughes, etc. Not only will they collect poems, but they will analyze the poems with the Poetry Response Sheet and write a one page reflection about the project.
    • This notebook must be creative and original.
    • Students were given a handout with a grading rubric two weeks prior to the due date.
  • Book Reports: due BY December 13
    • Students are required to read a minimum of 4 novels during the first semester of English I.
    • All books must be approved by Ms. Ragon
    • Book reports must be a minimum of one page (5 paragraphs) and must follow the guidelines set forth by Ms. Ragon via handout at the beginning of September.
    • Teacher recommendation: read and report on one book per month so as to not become overwhelmed Surprised with 4 books in December! Wink