December Newsletter

Mme O’Reilly’s Monthly Newsletter

December 2012

Quick Announcements

  1. Grade 8 students were sent home with a poinsettia form for the purpose of fundraising money for the graduation trip later on this year. This fundraising effort is quickly coming to an end and funds are due back to the school on December 4th.
  2. By now, your child should have brought home the fundraising package that was sent by the school. These are coupon booklets and are the school’s main fundraising event. This fundraiser ends on December 14.
  3. Last month our class was responsible for organizing the school mass. I was very proud of our efforts and how students came prepared and lead the mass for the school. Congratulations to all of them!
  4. Be an Angel Campaign – Our class is responsible for bringing non-perishable food items, gifts and toys for a teenager boy (see note gone home) by December 12th. Thank you, in advance, for your generosity!

Class Website and Agendas

This is a friendly reminder that our class has a website that parents can view for an update as to what is happening in our classroom, as well as an overview of homework. Please check us out at  

I heard much feedback from parents over the past month regarding their child writing their homework in their agenda and how there seems to be a lack of homework details in them. We continue to work hard on improving our agenda skills and I wanted to communicate with you that I have noticed a positive difference in most of the students’ habits over the last few weeks. I hope that you are also finding there is a difference in what gets put in the agenda. We will continue to practice this ever-important habit.

Honour Role

A friendly reminder of the criteria for honour role, for those who are interested:

  • Honour role will be determined twice a year: once each semester
  • All subjects will be considered when determining who makes the honour role
  • The average that we will be looking for is a minimum of 80%

What Are We Doing This Month?

MATH                    GR7: Geometry / GR8: Geometry

                                Please note: (1)students will need a geometry set as soon as possible, if they don’t have one already. This set is required in order to complete the work in the unit. (2) Also, please note that there are some students in the class who still do not have a calculator. It will be very helpful for them to bring one to school as calculators in ipods are not permitted during assessments.

FRENCH                We are in the middle of a unit on “les contes”. This unit will conclude with an assignment at the end of the month. (Note: Grammar will be throughout all units of the year.)

ENGLISH               We have recently begun a Media Literacy unit.  This unit demonstrates the power of the media and is taught with a social justice bend.  The students will learn about marketing techniques and how to think critically about the messages that we are being sent on a daily basis.

HISTORY               GR7: The society of New France (Société en Nouvelle-France; La chute de la Nouvelle-France) /GR8 : Confederation (Facteurs à l’origine de la Confédération; La naissance d’un pays)

RELIGION             GR7/8: We have been reading a true story regarding a family who was in the middle of World War II and survived it. This unit is starting to wrap up and will conclude with an assignment.

ARTS                      GR7/8: We will be making various Christmas crafts before we break off for the Christmas break.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season!


Mme O’Reilly