Reading Response Letters

Reading Response Letters

  • Each week, students will be writing me a letter about a French book that they are reading. The topic of the letter depends on what the student wants to write me about. Suggested topics are provided on the handout.  See below for important information on this weekly assignment.


SUCCESS CRITERIA - Below are items I will be looking for in each letter. Note that these will evolve as we review related language concepts, including grammar.

  • spelling mistakes
  • writing teacher's name correctly
  • the letter is written in French, with no English words/expressions
  • grammar concepts: verb conjugation, masculin vs feminin words, singular vs plural words, sa vs ça
  • write the letter in a proper letter format (see handout given for format). Elements include: date, salutation, body, concluding salutation, name


The class was divided into 3 groups, who will hand in their letter in a specific day. Groups are as follows:

  1. MONDAY Group - Letters are due on this day

  • Aidan, Shannon, Maggie, Bailey, Ben, Shantel, Zac, Jelani, Jenna

  1. WEDNESDAY Group

  • Phil, Elizabeth, Veronika, Ana, Emily, Alex, Cassidy, Paul, Brett

  1. FRIDAY Group

  • Kris, Nic, Simon, Dawson, Graeme, Dan, Nathan, Alyson, Luc