Pros and cons of glass and plastic baby bottles

There were times when parents are having Custom baby bottle for sale made up of glass for feeding their kids. But glass bottles are bit heavy and also break easily. A long time later, through innovation and development, came bottles made of plastic, which offered the advantages of being both lighter and tough, making the glass child bottle a relic of times gone by.

Plastic infant bottles were made well before it was found that a specific sort of plastic utilized in infant jugs can really hurt a child. This news started the discussion of which container is more secure for infants, glass or plastic. So what is the ideal decision for guardians searching for safe child bottles? The accompanying data regarding both glass and plastic infant bottles is proposed to help you choose for yourself which sort of container is one of the best choices for your child.

Glass Baby Bottles:


• Glass child bottles are strong and are presently accessible with silicon sleeves that ensure against breakage in case it is dropped.

• There are no harmful or synthetic compounds that may wind up in the child's formula.


• Glass bottles are bit heavy than the plastic bottles and to some degree, more abnormal than plastic ones.

• In Glass bottles it is the danger of being dropped and having broken glass on the floor.

Plastic Baby Bottles:


• Light weight plastic baby bottles are simpler to deal with and easy to handle.

• Plastic bottles won't break when dropped like some glass child bottles.

• The FDA has given articulations that it accepts BPA (bisphenol A) measures that winds up in food or jugs produced using plastic containing are too low even to consider causing any genuine well-being impacts in people.



• Some plastic baby bottles are produced using plastics that contain bisphenol A (BPA). In plastic bottles it has risk to the growth of cancer that was presented to the synthetic.

• Plastic bottles are made up of polycarbonate are the ones that contain BPA and can make BPA spill into the substance of the child bottles (something you don't need your infant drinking).

Importance Of Cleaning The Baby's Bottle

With proper cleaning you can decrease the danger of BPA by following these insurances:

1.Don't use plastic Baby Bottles Suppliers for storing the breast milk. You can place the breast milk or formulas into bottles only before feeding, but make sure that you are throwing the unused portion of milk.

2.Avoid using the plastic bottles for hot milk. Hot milk or water can debase the plastic containing BPA and speed up the BPA spilling from a plastic bottle.

3.Make sure to toss out polycarbonate bottles that indicate wear like breaks, chips, or scratches.

4.Use warm water and delicate cleaning agents on polycarbonate bottles and be certain not to utilize heated water or unforgiving chemicals, making the plastic breakdown and delivering BPA.

Whether you pick plastic or glass infant bottles, taking care of your new born baby can be a fulfilling your best experience. On the off chance that you follow the rules referenced above, you can have confidence that you are giving your baby the most secure consideration during everyday meal.

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