Miss Winkelman - Reading / Language Arts

Welcome to the best subject!

I know I'm biased, but I do adore Reading and Language Arts. This year, we will read a ton of awesome of novels together, have time to read independently, expand our vocabularies, strengthen our writing skills, and develop our love of reading. 

I believe in letting students choose books that they are interested in as opposed to assigning specific books. All of my students will get an individualized AR goal and will be expected to meet that goal within nine weeks. They can read whichever book they choose (close to or within their reading ranges), but will be encouraged to complete my.....


The challenge is very attainable and will expose readers to different types of books. They will record the books that they read and finish on their 40 Book Graph in their binders under the appropriate genre heading. Students who complete the challenge will be rewarded and recognized at the end of the year! The challenge consists of reading:

  • 5 Fantasy books