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Welcome to our classroom site. You can find classroom information and activies done in the classroom while they are with us.



6:30-7:30             Breakfast

                             Free play

7:30-9:00             Breakfast over

                             Free play/Centers

                             Potty Time

9:00-9:30             Snack

                             Free play

9:30-10:15           Outside

10:15-11:30         Story Time

                             Art Time

                             Center Time/Free Play

                             Potty Time

11:30-12:30         Lunch

                             Prepare for Nap

                             Potty Time

12:30-2:30           Nap Time

2:30-3:00             Wake Up

                             Potty Time

                             Quite Activities

3:00-3:30             Snack Time

                             Free Play

3:30-4:40             Free Play/Centers

                             Story Time

                             Music Time

                             Potty Time

4:40-5:15             Outside

5:15-6:00             Free Play

                             Potty Time


Important Classroom Dates

  • July 4th 2020: Schools Closed
  • July 17th 2020: Water Play Day
  • July 24th 2020: Parents Night Out
  • July 28th 2020: Field Trip- Movie Theater



This month we are learning about Bugs: Here are some projects and activities we have done to learn about this topic.

Children sorted bugs by colors and also counted the bugs and placed them in in the correct jars.


Another fun activty the children did was sort inscets based on their physical  characteristics