April Hayes

Stealing Time To Pamper The Body



To be born in this world is a privilege and a luxury in itself. To roam the earth with passion, go to school, get a degree, get a job, meet new people, fall in love, settle down, buy a house, a car, go on vacation and do things that we always wanted to do. We have millions of ideas that run through our mind on the places that we want to visit, the food we like to eat, and the adventures we want to partake in. But most of the time we forget the most important element in our being. We forget our body.


In going for a vacation or an adventure, we thought that that is enough to relax and unwind. We always speculate that giving time to enjoy nature or indulge in physical activities can make up for the stressful things that we go through every day. But it is not.


By going for a vacation, the mind and soul heals the wounds. But the body suffers from exertion out of the activities done during the vacation. We need to ponder that the body needs a special kind of care. It needs physical attention. It needs to rejuvenate, to revitalize, and to regain the atrophy of the muscles and tissues from the rigor of the outside world.


The best spas in Sydney has a variety of services that they offer, and one of the best package is the hens party or social event. This special package is for a group of friends, family, or co-workers who opted to enjoy the luxury of a spa treatment as a group.

Most people wants to relax alone, to take their minds off things and have a quiet and peaceful day in a spa, but there are others who prefer to have company while bathing in the sensual environment provided in the best spas in Sydney.

There are things to consider in attending a hens party:

  • Have an ideal number of friends to bring, to make sure that the party is not too crowded
  • Search or get referrals for the best spa that offers a hens party or a social event.
  • Book your appointment weeks or even months prior to the event
  • Select the spa treatments for the day, with consideration of what the majority of the group wants
  • Make sure that the date chosen is agreeable to all group members
  • Don’t forget to ask for a discount
  • Everyone must be in the spa facility in Sydney at least 30 minutes prior to the schedule
  • Turn off all cellphones during the treatment
  • If there are treatments that one or two or more of the group members want but is not included in the package, then you can always ask for an add-on service

May it be alone or with a group, spa treatment is at its best when done with a clear purpose of taking good care of the physical body.


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