*Homework-Your child must complete ALL homework, daily. The homework is written on the board at the end of the day, and the students are required to write it down. If your child writes the homework down incorrectly, or forgets to write something down, the homework tab will have the homework for the day. This is updated daily.

*Agendas-Your child writes their homework down in their agenda, everyday. At the bottom of the day, the students will have a sticker or a stamp. If they have a sticker or a stamp, that means they had a good day. IF they have a note, the agenda must be signed so that I know the parent/guardian has seen it. Mulitple notes in the agenda regarding the same issues will result in a parent/teacher conference.

*Important papers-At the end of each week, your child will receive their graded papers and any other imporant papers. These papers are to be looked at and sent back to school on Monday. If your child earns a D or an F on any assignment, the paper must be signed and returned.

*Classroom Book Checkout-TBA

* Vocabulary words/Spelling words are sent home every one to two weeks. The test date is given at the top of the list. Please have your child study these words so that they are prepared for the upcoming test.