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How to Caring for Your Senior Pets





Pets age just like people do, and there are a few things you can do to make sure your pet is as happy and healthy as possible in your sunset years. Aside from regular veterinary care, your dog needs a few things to make this possible.


Pets need to maintain healthy body weight as people do. Overweight dogs are at risk for all sorts of problems, from arthritis and sore joints to heart disease and liver problems.


Pets behave minimally to keep the weight where it should be. Doing too many treats will cause your pet to gain weight very quickly. Occasional behaviors are good but can lead to many health problems.


Feeding your pet should be limited to one large meal a day. You can also feed him a few small portions during the day. Just remember not to eat it between meals, and don’t let anyone else. Keeping a daily diet in check will help control weight gain.


Always keep freshwater that is cool to drink for your pet. Keeping the dog hydrated with clean water keeps the health good for a long time. Make sure they are in an easy place to go, and with their age, they may start to struggle with reaching the bowl.


Walking your pet every day will help support good blood circulation, and the activity will stimulate the dog’s senses and mind. Keeping them active while reducing boredom will prevent your pet from becoming frustrated. They will also have a better chance of health and happiness if you have them as good companions.


Feeding your pet dry food can cause them digestive problems. Sooner or later they will have to start eating sticky foods. Chewing is also a problem for many large dogs as their teeth start to ache and decay.


The emergency care you can give your elderly pet is to take it to the vet regularly. Regularly scheduled examinations will soon discover the disease and provide more treatment options. Also, maintaining their overall health will increase their happiness.


Making small adjustments to your pet on a regular basis will help them stay happy as they age. A visit to the vet will also be beneficial and should be done on a regular basis.


Dental care is one of the most important areas of health for your senior pet. Most older dogs and cats have gum disease, which can lead to serious health issues. Make sure your veterinarian examines your pet's teeth and cleans them regularly, especially when your animal is in its later years.


As your pet ages, weight can also be a problem, although cats and dogs are a little different in the challenges they face. Like humans, a dog's metabolism slows down with age, and its activity level decreases. If your dog is still eating the same type and amount of food as he was when he was younger, he is more likely to gain weight. You need to put your dog on a diet that balances your pet’s activity level, but first, discuss the plan with your veterinarian.


Cats usually maintain the same food needs of their lives, but you still need to watch your pet’s weight. Discuss weight loss with your veterinarian. Watch for weight gain. Cats can and do gain weight in their senior years, but they are not healthy and can cause diabetes. Be sure to change the diet of the senior pet cat when your veterinarian recommends doing so.


It is also important to use your senior pet. You can still play with your cat and buy toys, but remember to be gentle. Your pet probably won't be able to run around as fast or as low as he was when he was younger. You can still take your dog for a walk or swim, although you will need to slow down or exercise for a short period of time.


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