About Our Team

Alison Rameika

CEO and Head of Personnel

"Alison is a very determined CEO. She is also the nicest woman you will ever meet. She will include you into everything you do. She founded the company based off of hard work and dedication, regularly giving back to the community at social events." -Tyson Johnson

Patrick Cooksey

Head of Technology

"Patrick is a very open and hardworking Co-founder. Patrick is a very open person that is very easy to talk to. If you have a problem or questions about something you should talk to Patrick. Patrick is a hardworking and dedicated member here at Seafood. He is a person filed with perseverance and “drive”." - Silas Phillips

Tyson Johnson

Head of Sales and Marketing

"Tyson is confident and strong willed, which means he gets things done. In this business we need someone willing to fight for what our company needs and be sure enough of themselves to handle the pressure. Tyson deals with customers, business partners and employees alike, handling all kinds of issues. Anyone can go to Tyson with questions on the company's standings and their reputation in the community. Once Tyson negotiated a business deal with a local farmer to provide our facility with fresh ingredients in return for employment for some of his family members. Tyson is very community oriented and we all here at Seafood like to see the community come together to support each other." -Alison Rameika

Silas Phillips

Cullinary Directory

"Silas started at Seefood as one of the first workers hired to the original company. Silas starting as a food delivery man, working the late nights to make sure people had what they need on time. Alison and I quickly took notice of this, whether it was a busy day with early deliveries or a late night with a long haul, Silas was there. At the time the company was still new to the area, with nothing like us anywhere else we needed people like him on our team. Alison and I promoted him to the head of the department, which he so use to be on the bottom of. I know both Alison and I would recommend him for any job or problem anywhere in the company. He knows every worker in our region, but also has personal connections with many of our regular customers. He has truly proven himself in every way and we are extremely happy to have him on the team." -Patrick Cooksey