Welcome to SeeFood

Welcome to SeeFood!

You see-food, we see food. Its there in a flash!


We are so glad you found Us, and would love if you stuck around and checked us out!

Everyone knows the experience, of finding that amazing looking food online, maybe your friend shared it on Facebook, or you saw it on Instagram, but how can you find a recipie for it, just from a picture? Good news! You don't have to, because we will do it for you!

We would love to help you see the food of your dreams on your table. So show us your dreams! Send us pictures of food you would love to try, we will make it happen! Learn more about our mission and history on our About Me Page.


Our subscription plans can be found below. Or you can always contact us via our Contact Page.


Our individual services can be orderes for $10 a recipie, $30 for a recipie and ingredients, or $50 for a prepared meal of your choice. Or choose from any of our weekly plans!


We offer three main plans:


Bronze ($180)


Silver ($250)


Gold ($425)


All Plans are subjected to added fees. For changes and alterations to plans please contact us

Weekly plan orders must be made before Wednesday at 4pm to be recieved by the customer the following Saturday. Orders made after Wednesday at 4pm will be added to the following weeks schedule. 

All meals are made to serve two. Additional servings can be added for $10.

Any meals whose ingredients cost more than $28 can expect to have the overage costs added to their total.

All orders will be delivered on the nearest Saturday between 8am and 9pm.