English III

Welcome English III Students!


Monday- Finish Vocabulary Worksheets if you did not finish them in class

Tuesday- None!




Lesson Plans


 Objectives - 1. To define 10 new vocabulary terms and use them in sentences

Activities- * Bell Work- Journal- Why I Enjoy Weekends

1. call roll
2. assign essay for absent students( due wed.)
3. pass out vocabulary wkbks and dictionaries
4. tear out pages 31-34
5. use dictionary to complere pages 31-34 and turn in for a grade


 Objectives- 1. To review prepositional phrases 2. To identify and use appositive phrases correctly

Activities-*Bell Work- Daily Oral Grammar

1. call roll
2. collect homework and check to review prepositional phrases
3. look at definitions of APPOSITIVE and APPOSITIVE PHRASE (p437) and go over examples (p438)
6. work Ex. 3 (p439 together for practice
7. break into small groups and work Ex. 4 (p440)-- turn in one copy for the group
8. assign worksheet for homework(pgs  45-46 grammar wkbk)


Objectives- 1. To identify and use participles/participial phrases correctly

Activities- * Bell Work- Journal- If any celeb could play me in a movie about my life story who would it be?

1. call roll
2. collect homework (completion grade) and review appositives by having students volunteer to writ sample sentences from their homework on the whiteboard
3. define VERBAL (p442) and list 3 types: Participle, Gerund, Infinitive
4. define PARTICIPLE and look at examples (p 442-443).
5. work Ex.12 (pg 443) together
6. define PARTICIPLE PHRASE (p444) and look at examples... discuss "essential and non essential"
7. on transparency, work Exs. 13-14 (p115 together)


Objectives- 1. To continue working with participles and participial phrases

Activities- * Bell Work- Daily Oral Grammar

* Bell Work- Daily Oral Grammar

* Bell Work- Daily Oral Grammar

1. call roll
2. take up homework (completion grade) and go over

3. define INFINITIVE (P448) and look at examples and functions of infinitives in sentences
4. definfe INFINITIVE PHRASE(p449) and look at examples
5. work Ex. 16 (p450) together
6. if time permits, do transparencies of workbook pages 51-52 together


Objectives- 1. To define and idenify Gerunds and Gerund Phrases

Activities- * Bell Work- Journal- Why I want the football team to win tonight!

1. call roll
2. define gerund (pg 446) and look at an example (notes)
3. Remind students when pronouns is in front of Gerund it must be possessive.
4. Define Gerund Phrase and discuss how they are used (notes) indirect object, direct object.
5. Work Ex. 15 pg 447 Orally Together