English IV

Welcome English IV Students!


Monday- study for test Friday

Tuesday-study for test Friday

Wednesday-study for test Friday

Thursday-study for test TOMORROW!

Friday- have a great weekend!

Lesson Plans


Objectives - 1. To define 10 new vocabulary terms and use them in sentences

Activities- * Bell Work- Journal- Why I Enjoy Weekends

1. call roll
2. pass out vocabulary wkbks and dictionaries
3. use dictionary to complete worksheet


Objectives - 1. To recognize and create sentences using complex structures while using appropriate grammar and punctuation

Activities- * Bell Work- Journal- Daily Oral Grammar

1. call roll
2. tell students we are going to work on writing  sentences using better structure
3. write the sample sentence from the TE (p.483 top) on the board and discuss ways to combine the sentences
4. write the 4 structure patterns on the board (TE p483 bottom)
5. explain that we have just written examples of all four sentence structures: simple, compound, complex, and compound- complex.
6. review sentence structure work a transparency (p72) workbook
7. pass out grammar books ( class set) and study items on page 483 while discussing combining equal sentence parts
8. on pg 484 of textbook work ex.8 orally
9. discuss forming compound sentences by using a semicolon, comma and conjunction, or semicolon and conjunctive adverb to join independent clauses
10. work Ex. 9 p 484 on transparency
11. discuss joining unequal parts and review subordinate clauses by displaying sentences containing adjective, adverb, and noun clauses
12. Work ex. 10 (p485) together
13. break into small groups and work Ex. 11 p 485 to turn in for a grade