Amber Reid - Core PLT

Welcome to my website and to a new school year at Core Butte Charter School!

I am looking forward to working with returning and new families this year!  One of the first changes you will notice is this website!  I am no longer using information binders, but will be utilizing this website to give you up to date information as well as the links to forms I need you to fill out.  So please access this website regularly! I will still use email and phone calls/texts for more specific and individual information.  You will also notice many changes at the center. Our biggest one being that they have started our new building project.  For now we will be in the same spots we were last year, however in the next year we will be moving to new offices and classrooms in our new building.


We will continue to work together as student/parent/PLT to meet your student's educational needs.  I look forward to helping you with curriculum, teaching strategies, etc.  We will be meeting for our turn in meetings once every 6 weeks.  We will have testing , check ins, etc. every 2-3 weeks unless you feel like you need more guidance.  If your student is struggling in some area I would be happy to meet with him/her more often and work with him/her.  


I look forward to working with each one of you this year! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions , concerns, etc.  I check my email multiple times a day as well as texts and voicemails!