These sites have been verified, but they are outside links and the content is subject to change based on the web designer.  Plase let me know if any of these websites are inactive or if any are inappropriate.  

 Here are some links to sites that you may find helpful...


 This is a link to Fort Zumwalt School District's website.  Look here for general information about the district.  Up-to-date school closings will also be posted here.         Fort Zumwalt School District 

The Scholastic publishing company has an entertaining site for kids.  You can find educational games, articles, and reviews on great books.

This website is made for kids and is age-apropriate.  Time For Kids has current event articles, games, and a homework helper.  The children love to read the articles, check out the pictures, and keep up with what is happening in the world around them.



This site has a lot of information about the climate, features, animals, and plants that live in specific biomes.  This site was created by the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

The following link is a great resource when we study the human body.  It has interactive body systems and answers a lot of students' questions.  Fifth Grade Body Systems

You can find experiments and investigations to answer your science questions.  Bill Nye, the Science Guy



Games with fractions     Fresh Baked Fractions

Games to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and algebra     Baseball Math



Game to find the meanings of words using prefixes, suffixes, and roots (a big skill for reading in 5th grade) Roots

Pyramid game for working with prefixes and suffixes Affixes



A link to our textbook's website: 1. Click student    2. Class Code: arens5    3. Explore!      McGraw-Hill



A search engine for kids    KidsClick

Hundreds of official kids' sites in one place   Linkasaurus


If you come across age-appropriate websites that you think may be helpful, please let me know.  I am always looking for fun, new sites!