South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: Simple things to remember in giving a pet as a present


You’ve probably seen a lot of touching videos on the internet about surprising a loved one with a pet as a present and you might be thinking of doing the same this coming Christmas or on the upcoming birthday of one of your family members or a close friend. But before going to the nearest adoption center, South Bellmore Veterinary Group wanted you to remember a few important things first which are stated below:


Firstly, adopting a pet should be done carefully wherein you must know first the personal preferences of the person receiving the pet about owning one. South Bellmore Veterinary Group would like you to answer questions such as: What are his likes and dislikes in owning a pet? What kind of pet is he looking forward to having? There were a few more related questions that needed to be answered first before adopting a pet and giving it to that special person.


Secondly, determine if the pet suits the lifestyle of the person you’re giving it as a gift. If the person lives a very active lifestyle, then he would be grateful for a pet that can be his partner to his way of living, thus choose a super active dog or other active animals. For a more expert advice, consult an adoption counselor to identify the perfect animal for the person you’ll be gifting a pet.   


Thirdly, you can opt for getting a certificate as well. Many often consider this as a practical choice that still gives the element of surprise. It is still a great idea to give the certificate to that special someone as a gift. With this, the person can choose his preferred animal personally at the shelter while the certificate covers the entire adoption fee so he had nothing to worry about.


Fourthly, choose an animal shelter/adoption center that allows you to return the animal once the owner can’t fulfill his responsibilities to the pet anymore. It is advised to have a surrender plan beforehand. South Bellmore Veterinary Group wanted to point out as well that life is full of unexpected turns, so ensure to include such scenario in making your plans to make sure that no matter what happens, the pet still has a place to return to and will get professional care until a new individual takes care of it.


Fifthly, if the person you’re giving the pet to is aware that you’ll be giving him an animal that he likes, then it would be best to remind that person that owning a pet is a life-long commitment before bringing him to the adoption center so that the person would choose according to his resolve and heart’s content once the both of you arrived there.