Resources for Reading: is an incredible resource for all learners, but provides some incredible tools to help ELLs access complex reading materials. Each text has a translate tool that allows the reader to translate, paragraph by paragraph, into 26 different languages. The site also has a tool that will read the text out loud, in English, allowing students to stop as they need. The annotation tool helps students interact with the text through highlighting and asking comments and questions. There is also an option for teachers to assign "guiding questions" which appear periodically throughout the text. Students are required to answer these questions that check for understanding before moving onto the next section of the text. All of these tools work together to help ELLs at varying levels of English reading and listening proficiency access challenging texts. Finally, the questions that students answer are standards based and graded online, making it easy for teachers to check for mastery.

Statement from the site: "Revolutionize your reading program with meaningful data and assessments that actually work." is a resource that has online practice for ELL students in grammar, reading, listening, vocabulary, and test prep. All categories are organized by level with increasing difficulty.