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The Lexile framework is a tool to match readers with texts they can understand. Lexile scores are assigned to texts by sytanctic and semantic scores associated with sentence and word length. The idea is to match a reader’s Lexile score to the literature they read. Lexile scores are not based on age, grade level, or content appropriateness.

The Lexile framework is becoming a well established tool for matching readers and texts.

This site from INFOHIO contains an excellent description of the Lexile framework in schools, how schools and libraries are including Lexile scores in the purchases, and its use in curriculum planning. I think it would be a mistake to anchor the grade and Lexile ranking chart in the middle of the page too firmly with the view of Lexile scores.
Quiz Star is an excellent assessment tool. It is reliable, flexible, user friendly, and free. I think most teachers would do well to consider what the of in-class quizzes means to their instructional time. Quiz Star has a moderate learning curve, but once it is mastered the time savings in class is outstanding.
We will study the technical details of using both of these tools for this assignment
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