November Activities

Pre-K and Kindergarten
Pre-K students are studying friendship in class, and they will be making pictures using themes of being a good friend.  They are going to begin a unit on wind and water, and during this time they will create windsocks, sailboats and pinwheels.  
Kindergarteners will create artwork that ties in with their trip to the pumpkin patch.  They will make Indian Corn, scarecrows and pumpkin pictures.
1st and 2nd Grade

Students in 1st or 2nd grade will be making totem pole designs from recycled cardboard and paper scraps.  We will look at the art of the Pacific Northwest, and they will learn the symbolism of animals and colors within the artwork.

They will create Native American Dance Fans decorated with tribal symbols they have practiced decoding in class. They will design Native American jewelry after looking at examples of amulets and beadwork.
3rd and 4th Grade

Students in the 3rd and 4th grade will also learn about the art of the Pacific Northwest, specifically totem poles.  They will create mini totems that have a cartoon style.  We will look at the symbolism of color choice and also the representation of various animals within Native American Art.
They will create jewelry including handmade clay beads and arrowheads.
They will practice decoding alphabets and symbols from various tribes. 
5th and 6th Grade

Students in grades 5-6 will read the legend of the dreamcatcher.  They will create their own dreamcatcher using grapevines, feathers, beads and string.
Students will learn basics of weaving and will create a wall hanging with beading and weaving techniques learned in class.