Learning Centers

Learning Centers

"Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.” Chinese Proverb

Learning centers

Below is a list of a few Learning Centers I would like to implement in my classroom.

Learning centers promotes:
Cooperative learning
Kinesthetic learning

During Learning Centers Ms. Rutledge will meet with small groups of students.

 Listening Center 
At the Listening Center students will listen to books on tape or CD and follow along with the book.
This promotes reading fluency. 

Learning Center Game
At the Learning Games Center students will play games based on the topic we are studying in our curriculum.
Games may be for math, science, language arts, spelling, or social studies.

At the Science Center students will perform hands on experiments based on the topic of study.

At the Computer Center students will explore websites based on our unit of study.
Example websites:

Math center
At the Math Center students will complete activities involving the unit of study.
Most activities will involve manipulatives.

Readers Theater
At the Reader's Theater Center students will perform skits.
This center promotes oral reading and helps to build fluency for enhanced comprehension.

Word Wall
At the Word Wall Center students will perform various tasks involving the Word Wall.
These activities may include spelling and vocabulary.