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Go to Google, type in 'Article Directories' and a whole slew of them will appear. So it is better to at least go middle of the road in terms of pricing.So what is all the talk about having a lot of "content" on my website? And what is "content" exactly? And how will it help my business grow and prosper? I get these questions from my internet students all of the time. Expect to pay a minimum of $15 an article for about 400 words or so. 6. Read what they have to say and read their sample works. Press Release - Hear all About It! There is a fine company called PRWeb. You may have to offer an incentive for people to take the time to write you a testimonial longer than a sentence or two.com is a good place to start. For example, topic, style, word count and so on. You can get it going by making your own posts. There are probably thousands of gardening clubs, organizations and trade magazines that have newsletters or materials you can reprint. The key here is to study their website and learn. I like to go with the better known ones that have quality content. Try to be as specific as possible as to your writing needs. You can share your own information like " 3 Easy ways to keep your gardens bug free this summer" or you may have read something in a magazine that says " Ortho has come out with Zappit bug spray that will keep your gardens beautiful all summer longI have used it and here is what I found that maybe useful to you. You might just be surprised how much information they would be willing to share as long as you give them credit for their work and publish their website address in return. You will receive back bids from a numbers of authors. 3. 1. Our next article will discuss why content is so important and how it can help you with your search engine rankings and ultimately result in sales. Let me say thisHaving a lot of great content is one of the key ingredients to those websites that are successful and profitable. But remember to use the author's resource box at the end of the article or you are violating copyright laws. A little tip: if you go with the cheapest guy on the block, you will probably get poor work. Clubs,

Organizations and Trade Magazines Let's say that you need content for your gardening website that specializes in perennial gardens. Keep your blog useful and people will come to visit and hopefully contribute regularly. A resource box has the author's name, small bio and their website address. Sign up for an account and post a job. Another little tip is to give 2 authors the same project and see which one produces the better work. They have all kinds of writers that write on all subjects. Hopefully, you now understand how to get great content on your site without picking up a pen or pounding away on the keyboard. . It isn't that complicated but it can be invaluable. Start a Blog - Never-ending content Try blogspot.com and set up your free blogger on your website. It's not free and depending upon what kind of "contribution" you want to make, it will cost anywhere from $10 to $80. Contact them and let them know you are looking for quality articles, newsletters, tips, secrets, ideas on perennial gardens. If you don't know how to do it, just get your favorite webmaster to set it up. 5. 2. 4. A Press release is not a sales letter and they post guidelines and even have a teleconference to let you know how to get the most out of your press release campaign. You could offer an incentive such as "If you love our cowboy hats, we would love to hear about it. You know people love them because they come back and buy more than one. Once I explain the value of content to my students they almost always chime back with "but I can't write!" Never fear, there is always an answer for the creative mind. Testimonials - Why people should do business with you? The more testimonials you can get the better.com that will distribute your press releases." And then you have a testimonials section flooded with letters from your customers. Where? Elance. Let's say you sell custom made China 3/8"LP fast cutting saw chain cowboy hats. If you can scan them in so people can see the originals, all the better for credibility. When we receive your letter telling us why you love our hats so much, we will send you a coupon for 20% off your next hat purchase." You can comment, question, inform on a blog. OPA - Other People's Articles You can go to any number of article directories and use their articles for FREE. Don't Like to Write - Find Those that Do One of the simplest solutions if you don't like to write is to find those that do.