Lesson Plans & Homework

10/19/09 - I'm back! It will take me a few days to get settled and grades updated. In the meantime if you have questions please feel free to contact me via e-mail or by phone 845-2336 x415. As I finalize the details of the Unit II Exam I will update you all. 


Mon 11/2 - Notes: Western Expansion, Homework: Vocab #1-6 & Trails West Map

Tues 11/3 - Gold Rush Article with 5 Questions (in class), Notes: Gold Rush, Activity: Gold Rush Game, No Homework

Wed 11/4 - Notes: Texas & Mexican American War, Homework: Remember the Alamo Article with Questions

Thurs 11/5 - Hand out Alamo Extra Credit (due 11/10), Texas Mascot Fact Sheet (in class), Start Video - "The Alamo", No Homework

Fri 11/6 - Video - "The Alamo", No Homework


Monday 11/9 - Finish Video: The Alamo, Homework: Vocab #7-21

Tues 11/10 - Extra Credit from The Alamo video due today! Notes: Road to War, Handout Glory Extra Credit (due 11/30), Homework: Civil War Word Search

Wed 11/11 - Notes: Deeper Divisions Over Slavery, Homework: Take Home Vocabulary Quiz

Thurs 11/12 - Notes: States Break Away, Notes Check Quiz, Homework: Vocab #22-43 & 10 Questions Worksheet

Friday 11/13 - Notes: Beginnings of War, Homework: Map Union vs Confederates


Monday 11/16 – Correct Union vs. Confederate Map & Collect, Notes: Battles (cont), Homework: Generals Word Search


Tuesday 11/17 – Collect Word Search, Notes: War & American Life, Homework: Hardtack vs Johnny Cakes Worksheet & Letter Home Worksheet


Wednesday 11/18 – Correct Worksheets from Tues. & Collect, Notes: War & American Life (cont), Homework: Emancipation Worksheet


Thursday 11/19 – Collect Emancipation Worksheet, Notes: Turning Points of the War, Homework: Vocab #44-63


Friday 11/20 – No School



Monday 11/23 - Check Vocab #44-63, Notes: End of the War, Review Questions, Handout Unit III Study Guide, No Homework (Work on Study Guide)

Tuesday 11/24 - Notes (Reconstruction, Homework: Meal Without Forks Worksheet (Extra Credit due 11/30)

Wednesday 11/25 – Notes: Reconstruction, Go Over Meal Worksheet, Thanksgiving Activity: Bingo, No Homework (Work on Study Guide) Thursday 11/26 & Friday 11/27 – No School



Monday 11/30 – Collect Glory & Thanksgiving Extra Credit, Notes: Reconstruction (cont), No Homework (Work on Study Guide)


Tuesday 12/1 – Notes: Johnson vs Congress, Review Questions, Review Worksheet (In Class), Homework: Study for Unit III Exam


Wednesday 12/2 – Unit III Exam, Pick Up Ironclad Project Worksheet (Due 12/8/09)


Thursday 12/3 – Video & Ironclad Project


Friday 12/4 – Video & Ironclad Project