Homework - Week of November 22, 2010


Homework will be sent home this week. We will study this list for 2 weeks due to the Thanksgiving Break.

Homework packets will be sent home on Monday and are due on Thursday.

THANK YOU to all parents that are working hard to make sure that homework is turned in on the requested date. Now that we are in the second quarter, expectations for homework have increased. Students without completed homework receive an incomplete and have a loss of recess. Parent signatures are a part of the completed homework requirements. Thanks.

I appreciate your efforts. :)

Monday:   Write the spelling words 5 times each. Spelling word sort. Read for 20 minutes.

Tuesday:   Write a sentence using each spelling word. Read for 20 minutes.

Wednesday:   Write the spelling words in ABC order. Read for 20 minutes.

Thursday:   No Homework. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Friday:   No homework.