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Jinzhou Taifeng Quartz Co., Ltd focus on manufacturing of quartz glass products.

How to maintain Quartz Slab – They are easy to maintain but that does not mean you neglect to use them carefully. The tubing fused quartz to clean them is with soapy water after you are done working in the kitchen. Do not use any chemical product as it may damage the protective layer on the slabs. Although they can resist heat but for their safety, we suggest to use pads under hot pans, deep fryers, and other utensils. Avoiding using them as a cutting board in your kitchen as the sharp knives can scratch the surface and dust will be trapped in it. This gives your kitchen an ugly look. In case anything sticks to your counter, do not scrap it. For cleaning your countertops, you can use safety products.

Did you ever wonder how Quartz Infrared heating technology heats our quartz glass products in inexpensive way? Well, here’s an article for you to understand the Quartz Infrared heating process.

Infrared heaters vary from operating temperature, efficiency and cost. The most common types are the ceramic, metal sheathed and quartz infrared heaters. Ceramic infrared heaters are usually used for gentle heating, while Metal sheathed infrared heaters are for heating foods. The most popular of them all is the quartz crucible infrared heating technology which is commonly used in heating houses or offices.