Celebrate Boxing Day 2018 – 6 Best Discount Codes & Deals


How do you celebrate your boxing day?

Most of us are on vacations because it’s Christmas and Boxing Day comes on 26th December each year. We are all with family and friends celebrating the vacations as much as we can. Most of the people just stay at home and spend maximum time with their family or go out for a hangout with friends. But Boxing Day is specifically celebrated by doing more and more shopping and charity!

Why is Boxing Day?

Around 800 years ago Boxing Day started to celebrate among poor people by giving them the donations in the alms boxes. It was the churches who had these alms boxes for the poor and they donated it to them each Boxing Day. Since then, it was a tradition back then to give donations to the needy people. The concept of piggy bags is also associated with Boxing Day and is originated from Netherlands where first piggy bags were made to save money for the poor. Now you know why you save money in them!

Now the traditions are not followed any more except for some churches that still open their doors and alms boxes to donate to the poor people. A new trend has been occurred from the past few years which are Boxing Day Sales.

On every Boxing Day, many big franchises and retailers announce Boxing Day Sales which are just like any other Black Friday. The sales are so huge that almost everything becomes affordable for anyone. Whether it is clothing items, furniture or big machinery, the sales tends to go on every year!

The best trick to celebrate your Boxing Day is to do shopping for the items which are not easily accessible to your during the year. Here is the list of UK’s top brands which undergoes Boxing Day sales that goes up to 60%.

ASDA George

Hundreds of amazing products will be discounted by up to 50% for the George sale. And you can get them free delivered to all George stores. If you want get your favorite products delivered to your door you can should pay a deliver fee. At PromoPro UK, you can find ASDA George FREE Delivery codes and get the items free delivered to you door.


Everyone loves Timberland boots for their finishing and designs. Normally these shoes are expensive due to the material and hard work invested in it but on each Boxing Day, Timberland undergoes a Boxing Day sale which makes it possible to purchase items easily. By availing our free Timberland discount code you can get your hands on your favorite pair of shoes with a much discounted price.

Forever 21 Forever 21

There is not even a single person who doesn’t love Forever 21. Due to so many followers around the world, Forever 21 also undergoes Boxing Day sales. They have different sales on their catalogues. The sale ranges from 15%-60% and makes it affordable and fun to do shopping. You can do online shopping to by availing our free Forever 21 discount vouchers from here.

Public desire Public desire

Public desire offers Boxing Day sale deals on all of their items. The most famous items are their ankle boots on which they offer more than 15% sales. Their ankle booths are really comfortable and full of modest designs. Even celebrities love to have ankle boots from here.

American eagle  American eagle

American Eagle is famous for its clothing items which are full of colors and new designs. If you are a fashion lover and wants to keep your wardrobe up to date, the right spot for shopping is here. On Boxing Day, they offer different sale deals on their clothing items and joggers. The sale is super affordable and allows you to have your favorite items from the store. To get things within your pocket, click on to your free shopping voucher and enjoy Boxing Day!

Hello Fresh Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh offers different sale deals throughout the year but on each Boxing Day, they offer 50% on their wine items. You can have as much wine as you want and enjoy your vacations with fun! Not only their wine is tasty but you can get almost any wine flavor here. A heaven for wine lovers! Get our free discount vouchersto enjoy Boxing Day deals with Hello Fresh.

To keep the original motive of Boxing Day, all the companies participate in different charity events and sale deals in their stores or services. They want to keep the tradition alive; to allow the poor to purchase whatever they want and they are doing it the right way!