Class Rules

    Classroom Discipline Plan


                  BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS (The 5 bees)

Be prompt – Attend class daily and be on time. Turn homework when it’s due.

Immediately check board for assignment.

Be prepared – Bring all materials to class everyday

Be polite - Treat others as you will like to be treated.

Be productive – Maximizing learning time by staying on task. Follow directions. Participate in all class activities.

Be patient – Listen, stay seated and keep eyes on speaker when talking. Respectfully wait your turn, do not complain.


                                POSITIVE CONSEQUENCES



Positive notes send home

Class parties

                               Negative Consequences

First time-Warning

Second time – Warning

Third time -Parent conference and 30 minutes of after school detention.

Fourth time-Referral to principal


            Classroom Procedures


Starting the day procedures.

Enter the room politely (No Talking), put away backpack, lunch and turn in homework.  Immediately sit on your desk and start working on problem display on whiteboard. After everyone is seated and working on their starter problem, I will go around and take attendance.


As you enter the classroom, please be seated. Quietly take out your materials and start assigned warm-up activity.

At the end of class remain on your seat and wait for me to dismiss you. Then clean up your desk, pick up any trash within 3 feet of your desk, stack your chairs and collect your backpack.

If you exit the room during class time, ask permission. Tell me where you are going: take correct hall pass and do not run or play in the hallways or the restrooms.

Restroom pass-You will be given one restroom pass per week. You will not be able to be allowed to use the restroom during an explanation.  Please make every effort to use the restroom before or after class.

If you bring a water bottle, keep it in your desk. Not frozen as it creates a mess.

Movement around class

If you need to move around, please raise your pointer finger and wait for permission. Do not interrupt in the middle of an explanation unless an emergency.

Transitions between subjects/activities

Listen for a signal to attention, a bell, chime or simply me saying “Can I have your attention”. Wait for my instructions. After I ask if there is anyone who does not know what to do. Respond with a “GO” signal. The word “GO “is the action word that will tell you to immediately start working towards the objective. I will observe and verify you are following my directions.

Social Interaction within the class

In a cooperative classroom, it is good to help one another. If someone needs help with directions, help him or her with understanding the problem. Never put down a student that ask for help.

Storing materials

Students are required to bring their own materials. Share group supplies; check number written on supplies to make sure they belong to your group. If something belongs to another group quickly return it to them.

Signals for attention

When I need your attention, I will ring a bell or chime or just say “Can I have your attention”.  I will then be asked if there is anyone who doesn’t know what to do. If I get no answer, I will give you a “GO” signal. The word “GO” is the action word that will tell you to immediately start towards your objective. I will then observe and verify that you are following my directions.

Responding to visitors

When visitors enter the room, greet them with a smile. Remember most visitors are in class to watch you learn, so be ready to explain what you are working on, treat visitors respectfully. Also, remember everyone has the right to be respected when they are speaking. If you would like to ask a question, please raise your hand and wait to be called on. Please do not speak while someone else is speaking.

Calling on student

When calling on students, I will pause and allow every student the opportunity to think through the current topic. Then I will choose a student upon noticing a hand in the air. Before deciding who to call on, I will take a moment to make the briefest eye contact with those raising their hand and volunteering to participate.  I will call only students who are demonstrating proper etiquette, so unless they are quiet and sitting down with their hand straight up in the air, I will not call upon them.

Homework and Make-up Policy


Homework: Most nights students will have about 15 minutes of homework.  This will be posted on my google calendar and either be:

  1. Watching the lesson video & come to class with completed notes plus (5 minutes of computer practice) 

  2. Study Links/Other paper lesson practice: Complete a paper assignment and bring to class the next day.  Typically, paper assignments will only need to be done if not completed in class.  All work should be completed prior to the unit assessment.

The weekends will be used for research and special projects. Students are expected to turn in all their homework on time for full credit. Late work will be marked complete but given no credit if it is an unexcused absence. Students have three day to complete make up assignments if they were given during the student excused absence. If the assignment is not made up within three days, the student will receive no credit. If the student is absent during the day of the test, they should meet with the teacher to reschedule test within 2 days of the student’s absence.

Student emergency policy

Learn the school safety procedures the first week of school.

In an emergency, when you hear it, do it.

Lockout-Get inside. Lockout doors. Business as usual. (Code yellow)

Lockdown -locks, lights out, out of sight. (Code Red)

Move away from sight. Maintain quiet. Do not open doors.

Bring your phone. Leave stuff behind. Follow instructions.



                          LIFE IS A MATH EQUATION.  IN

                   ORDER TO GAIN THE MOST, YOU HAVE TO  


                                             "In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb