Syllabus 2019-2020 

Welcome to Mr. Seifans Math Class

 6th Grade Math                                          


Telephone Number:  305-205-3908         


Course Length: 2019-2020 School Year



  Watch for Studylinks coming home as homework and for parent letters.  My website will also have videos and computer activities to help us learn and review the content.  Some of this will be done in class and can also be used at home.


There is a video that goes with each unit target.  Video Notes will also be assigned to be completed at home.


Other Required Materials (Please Read Carefully):


Bring each day:

  • Homework Folder –I would like them to have a folder in their trapper keeper that comes to math and goes home EACH DAY.  They will receive a printout weekly if they have any missing work. Please label one side “Go Home” and the other “To Mrs. Seifans!”.  Please help them get in the habit of putting completed homework DIRECTLY into this folder upon completion.

  • Pencils / Pen – Please always bring a pen and at least 2 sharp pencils each day and a correcting pen.

  • Calculator – Please bring a calculator every day.  A simple calculator is fine.


In the Classroom:

  • Math Portfolio – Students will have a portfolio that stays in the room at all times.  This is where they will keep notes, warm-ups and class projects.

  • Math Student Journal



If you are absent from class, you are responsible for finding out what you missed. Check our class website (HW google calendar) and the hanging folder in the front of class for missed materials.  I will also send home emails often letting you know what we did in class and have HW attached. Schoolview will also have all assignments attached to each item that is graded.


Classroom Procedures


Beginning Class:

1. Walk into class quietly.

2. Sharpen your pencils, if needed

3. Grab your student journal/folder

4. Sit in your seat.

5. Begin warm-up work – before the bell rings


Ending Class:

1. Return all materials properly

2. Pick up trash around you and put in the wastebasket.

3. Sit in your assigned seat. Wait until I dismiss you, NOT the bell.


Procedures during Work Time:

1. You are responsible for working on the assigned tasks.

2. If you have a question, ask a teacher or quietly ask a peer for an explanation.

3. Stay on task! All conversations should be math-related.

4. Be patient and persevere! Some assignments will seem easy, others will challenge you! Don’t avoid the challenge – it just means you are LEARNING. 


Class Grading:


50%  Tests 

40%  Quizzes    

10%    Lesson Practice & Homework Checks- (5 points each)

0%    Video Notes- (1 point) NOT COUNTED TOWARDS GRADE but will be checked off each day.  Students must have all lesson videos watched with notes turned in before they take the unit assessments.


 Grading Scale:

100-93%    A            75-73%    C

92-90%    A-            72-70%    C-

89-87%    B+            69-67%    D+

86-83%    B            65-63%    D

82-80%    B-            62-60%    D-

79-77%    C+            <60%        F


Missed Work, Late Work, and Retest Policies:

Homework: Most nights students will have about 15 minutes of homework.  This will be posted on my google calendar and either be:

  1. Watching the lesson video & come to class with completed notes plus (5 minutes of computer practice) 

  2. Study Links/Other paper lesson practice: Complete a paper assignment and bring to class the next day.  Typically, paper assignments will only need to be done if not completed in class.  All work should be completed prior to the unit assessment.


School Assessment Retake Policy:

  • Required to relearn and retake if below 70%

  • Must complete agreed upon relearning practice (with teacher or at home) first

  • All retakes must be completed within 2 weeks of the return of the assessment


Tardy Policy:  Each student must be in class, in their seat, and ready to learn when the bell rings!  Our school-wide tardy consequence plan is a warning for the first and second tardy. After the third tardy, there will be a call home.  4th and beyond in a quarter will result in an after school detention.


Pencil Policy:  Have a pencil every day or parents will be contacted.


If you need help, to watch videos, complete a retake:

  • Stay after school with me on Wednesdays!

  • Email me

  • Ask during work time in class


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This syllabus gives an outline of the rules and expectations of the course.  While some things may change or be added, this is what we will work from. Please ask your student how math is going, and remember that they should set aside at least 15 minutes a night (wherever they are at) to work through the lesson.  See my webpage calendar for quiz and test dates. Everything will be available on my webpage for easy access at home. If you ever have concerns or questions, feel free to contact me. With all of us working together, each student will have a very successful year!

Thanks!  I look forward to a great school year,


Mrs. Seifans


Parents, please answer the questions below, sign and return this last page showing me that you have read this over.  This will be our first assignment in the gradebook!

  1. Does your child have a device at home to watch videos on? (phone, tablet, laptop). _______



      2.  Do you have schoolview bookmarked or have you downloaded the App? _______


      3.  Do you or your child need help logging into School View to check grades? _____


      4.  Is email a good way to get you important information about class or your child? __________


      5.  What is the best email address to reach you at?_____________________________________


      6.  What do you most want me to know about your child?  What is the most important thing I can       


           do to help them succeed this year? _______________________________________________




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