My Teaching Philosophy

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”  – Albert Einstein  
    An educator must have an idea of what their philosophy of teaching will be as they start their teaching careers. Every teacher has their own belief on what the purpose of school should be, what they should expect of their students in the classroom and what they should take part with their students. I believe it is my duty as a teacher to effectively educate my students so that they are given the tools to positively contribute to the well-being of our future society and economy. These students learning today hold our society’s future in their hand. Therefore, as a teacher, by effectively guiding and developing our students we will have a major impact on what kind of society our students will build. Like some teachers I know, I also have decided to go into the teaching profession after over 25 years of middle management in retail. I always had a special calling to help teach and mentor young life.  To pass on my knowledge and experience to students so that they have better prepared themselves for a better and brighter future. To be able to instill in my students an inherent passion and motivation for life-long learning. To embrace in them the idea that learning never stops and that those individuals who are successful in life are the ones that eagerly seek new knowledge to learn which, in turn, helps them grow and thrive in both their personal and professional life.