Discussion Questions

Ethics Questions

  1. Does God still matter in a fallen world?
  2. Does good and evil still battle in a world without rules?
  3. Do the characters show their moral characters? How?
  4. How does the son show his trust and faith in God in such a violent world?
  5. Can hope stay alive in the hearts of man in the face of utter darkness and violence?
  6. Can purity be as strong as evil?

Cannibalism Questions

  1. The world has ended as we know it. If there are no fish or birds or plants to eat, how long can humans exist?
  2. Could they come up with a new way to live without resorting to cannibalism?
  3. Is cannibalism to be expected?
  4. Is cannibalism acceptable in disasters? What real-life cannibalistic events have occurred in the past?
  5. At what point does man lose his soul?
  6. Does life ever lose its value?

Style Questions

  1. Why did the author decide to write a novel without giving characters a name? What could it represent? Consider: new world/new rules, dead world/dead rules, to represent everyman, to represent the need for the characters to go underground/undercover.
  2. Why do you think the author left out quotation marks and apostrophes in his dialogue? Consider how the writing matched the bare bones of their existence.