Civil War Webquest

A Nation Divided
Brothers in Arms
 The civil was was the most divisive and bloodiest event in American history. One country became irrevocably divided, sometimes pitting brother against brother, father against son, in arms. The death toll exceeded more than 618,000 american souls, making it the bloodiest war in our country's history; in fact, it took more lives than all wars since.....COMBINED!! The battles took place at more than 10,000 locations across the country; soldiers likely stood, marched, slept or fought on the ground on which your currently stand. Each side had a different perspective and the causes are not unilateral but merely representative of whom you ask. The passions ran deep creating divides that still define culture, society and national relations today. This is your time to experience why a country, which had fought so diligently as one for independence not even 100 years before, would choose to dissolve this bond and instead turn to war within itself.
Now it is the year 2075 and new technology has presented the opportunity for time travel. The government has decided it wants to use this new found power to go back and correct some of the most difficult times in U.S History, starting with the landmark civil war. Leaders realize that this single event has had a lasting impact on the nation and it's people; they also feel that this divisive event could have been prevented had the opposing sides had better communication and understanding of each other. As  respected historians, you and your team have been hired to go back in timeand to facilitate that. This will be accomplished (hopefully!)by identifying the major causes of the war and the important factors that led each side to feel that war was the only option.