Extra Credit

There are two (2) levels extra credit on this project. First, attend the civil war re-enactment  presented in Poquoson (dates and information to follow), bring back some sort of literature (map,program etc.) to verify attendance*. (4 points)  For additional points you must submit a 500 word paper** based on the OPPOSING side for which you completed the webquest. Identify one major difference from YOUR webquest viewpoint and in your paper compare and contrast this contested point. This could also include lifestyle, economic needs etc. , no topic is off limits. If you are unsure if you are on the right path, ASK Cool
*If you choose not to complete the second portion of the extra credit you must submit a 200 word summary of your favorite part of the re-enactment. You may instead submit a video of you engaging in your favorite aspect.
** you MAY instead choose to do a video presentation/blog of your findings which must be at least 5 minutes in length 
If transportation is an issue or a special situation prevents you from attending please SEE ME and we will work together to create a different opportunity for you to recieve extra credit.