Supply List

·       1 small pencil box to go inside your desk

·       1 pair of scissors - Fiskars work best

·       1 box of watercolor paints - Crayola works best

·       1 package of felt tip markers-wide tip

·       1 old, clean sock- works great as a whiteboard eraser

·       1 box of crayons - 24 count only

·       Box of #2 pencils

·       1 box of sharpened colored pencils – only basic rainbow colors and black needed

·       1 large box Kleenex

 ·       1 box of Ziploc bags - Boys please bring sandwich size and girls bring gallon size

·       Backpack with name clearly labeled- no rolling backpacks

·       2 pkg. Wipes-at least 80 count

      ·       If your last name begins with A-F, please bring disinfecting surface wipes.

  ·       If your last name begins with G-Z, please bring hand wipes.

·       4 glue sticks and 1 bottle of glue

·      3 packs of wideruled paper

·       5 paper folders with brads

    Please check with your child throughout the year to see if they need more supplies. I will send a list  home at Christmas Break of things that the students are running low on.