Mrs. Martin's Geometry Class Info

     Welcome to Bullard High School, Geometry class.  Our staff is dedicated to providing your child with the best educational opportunities in Fresno during these challenging times.  Students will need to actively check in with all of their classes to keep up to date with their online courses and assignments.   Below is a summary of grades, supplies needed, and student and parent expectations.  Please check the rest of the tabs at the top of this page for additional important information.



  A   =   100-90%

  B   =   89-80%

  C   =   79-70%

  D   =   69-60%

  F   =   59% and below

Tests                                                        40%

Classwork (during Teams meetings)          30%

Homework                                             30% 

Total                                                      100%

*** This is the grade breakdown during Distance Learning ONLY*** 


Required Supplies

  • BIM Geometry Student Journal  (pick up with your textbook at the library) 
  • Graph paper (or any extra scratch paper)
  • Highlighters
  • See the source image Pencils 

ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES:  Scientific calculator, colored pencils/pens


Student Expectations

1.  Be prepared.  Have your BIM Student Journal ready at the beginning of class daily.  Write the definitions to the vocabulary in your own words after each lesson.

2.  Take notes in your Student Journal during online instruction.   This will help you actively participate in each lesson and have something to refer to for homework and tests.  Post photos of all class notes from the Student Journal every Monday after each week to Assignments on Teams.  This will count as part of your classwork grade.

3.  Actively participate during all of every online lesson.  Attendance will be taken multiple times throughout each lesson based on participation.  Be present for all, or you may be marked tardy.

4.  Complete all homework and show all your work on separate paper.  Homework is assigned on instruction days.  Homework assignments on are due on Big Ideas (submit your work!) by 8pm the next day along with a photo of your work posted in the assignment section on Microsoft Teams.  Without a posted photo of your work, you will only earn 50% of your score from  Late homework is not accepted (unless stated in IEP or 504).

5.  If a student is absent any day, then he/she has the number of days absent to make up the missed assignment (work can only be made up if the absence is excused of if stated in a 504 or IEP).  The student will be responsible for getting the missed assignment; it is not the teacher’s responsibility.  Remember to watch the recorded lessons from the day absent, take notes, and message me for any help.

6.  If the student was absent for a test, they must take the test during the scheduled retake time.  There are no retakes for tests (unless stated in a 504 or IEP).

7.  The teacher is available each instructional day during the scheduled class time on Microsoft Teams for help.  It is the student’s responsibility to ask questions as needed.

Parent Expectations

1.  Make sure your child attends our online lessons every day. If possible, check in during a lesson to make sure your child is actively engaged and not distracted.

2.  Keep your phone number updated with the school office; we may need to contact you.

3.  Use the mobile Atlas Parent Portal to keep track of your child’s overall grade in Geometry and all other class.  Contact me ASAP with any questions.

4.  Check online at for current or overdue assignments.

5.  Make sure they have all supplies indicated on the list provided to you.

6.  Encourage your child every day as they have worked very hard. Your child has earned the right to be here through their hard work and commitment to their education.