Learning Environment

The environment of the classroom is vital for the success of students.  There are distractions that will hinder a child's success if the teacher does not maintain the positive learning environment.  A teacher has to be prepared, informed, organized, and model what they expect from students to have an effective learning environment (Levin and Nolan, p. 104). One example of how this can be done is by planning ahead, ensuring the classroom is organized, and aesthetically pleasing. The classroom should be conducting classes in relevant natural ecosystems, grouping desks in specific ways, decorating the walls with learning materials, or utilizing audio, visual, and digital technologies. Let's say if a student were to come into a class in disorray with the teacher completely unprepared then what would make the student want to be organized and ready to learn, the environment in which they are in can either deter the student or boost them up. In my classroom I will make sure the flow of my class will aid in the success of my students, I will come in prepared and organized in order to ensure that they are in the best possible environment to learn.


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