Students' Basic Needs

A students basic needs are very important when it comes to classroom management. If a students needs are not being met, they are less likely to preform tasks as well as students whose needs are being met. When learning activitites align with an oppertunity to meet the students basic needs they can be come more successful (Levin and Nolan, p. 123). A real world example depicted in the book is described as an elementary student who was given the oppertunity to talk to the whole group as they listen, this helped satisfy the students' need for belonging. Other examples include, allowing students to work together in groups, here they can feel included and accepted by others (Levin and Nolan, p. 124). I know that I enjoyed working in groups when I was in grade school, it made me feel like I was a part of the class and that my peers accepted me. As a teacher, I plan to ensure that my students feel accepted, safe, and secure, and confident. I will pay close attention to the needs of my students and do all I can to ensure their individual needs are being met.

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