What is the purpose of JSON and how does it help a web developer?


Have you started learning web development these days and want to know about the json role in it? Yes! Then by reading this blog till the end, you can come on the conclusion that defines the main role of learning JSON in website development.

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A web developer is mainly responsible for the Creating user interface (UI) with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, clear communication with the team for quick resolution and error solving, designing, building or maintaining and many more.

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Now come to main concepts. So son plays a n important role in web development lets understand them one by one.

What is JSON?

JSON or you can call it JavaScript Object Notation, helps in operating the web data in key-value pair. JavaScript always provides a global json object. Mainly Json is used to create object notation. Let’s see an example to understand in a better way.

We just discussed above that it has key and pair value.

So first try to understand their meaning and role. So a key is a string. In simple words you can say that it is name of the particular value. And value is can be a thing, boolean, number anything and it is stored in the key. For more clarification let’s see this example given below.

“Name” : “ABC”

In this example you can see that there are two things i.e Name and ABC. So the Name is the Key and ABC is the value.

Lets see and another example .




    "name": “ABC”,

    "age": 20,




    "name": “XYZ”,

    "age": 25,




So in this format we create json (JavaScript object Notation). Like the two keys name and age you can add more in it like mobile, email and many more. With the help of this notation, it is easy to define and understand the data for the developer. He can fetch/ call the data easily.


JSON file is always described by the .json extension. But there some points which you must know about.

To right json properly always use double quotes. If you will =use single quote then it will throw an error.

Comments are not allowed in .json file.

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