The Task

You will need to take some time to personally reflect on your knowledge, experience, and emotions concerning 9/11. A good editor is well aware of their own views and biases, and in choosing your works you want to be as objective a literary critic as you can be. 

You will spend some time exploring and reviewing writings from various authors and time frames, keeping a dialogue journal in the process, in order to understand the different perspectives that the same event can have on people. You will need to select five works of literature to include in an anthology. This can be short stories, poems, novels or novel excerpts, news stories, blog writings, songs, etc. 

Part of compiling a body of work from different sources and viewpoints is understanding why those works are compelling to readers and being able to make broader thematic connections between the various writings. Therefore, you will write a foreword that will be a part of the anthology. 

In order to make this more visually appealing, you will also include a cover page with one piece of art. This can be a photograph from the day of September 11, 2001, photographs of memorials, or an artistic representation that was inspired by the events of that day.