Evaluation of Project

Please make sure you follow the rubric guidelines when completing your project.

 Content of DR/TA guide Little or no effort. Answers only one or two questions, and answers to questions are superficial or off topic.Little to some effort. Answers all questions, but answers lack depth.Good effort. Answers all questions, and shows some in-depth thinking about the topic.Excellent effort. Answers all questions and demonstrates in-depth personal reflection to the topic. 
 Content of Dialogue Journal Entries (15 entries)Little or no effort. Clearly did not read materials, and few entries (0-3).Some effort. Read a few of the materials, used a few quotes, and had several entries (4-7).Good effort. Clearly read most of the materials, good use of quotes, had a good number of entries (8-11).Excellent effort. Clearly read almost all of the materials, extensive use of quotes, had many entries (12-15).  
 Content of Table of Contents        (5 entries)Few entries with no citations (0-1).Some entries with errors in citations (2-3).Almost all entries with few errors in citations (4).All entries with no errors in citations (5). 
 Content of Foreword Little or no connection shown between works. Writing lacks persuasive element.Some connection shown between works, with some effort at demonstrating inclusion of work.Good connection shown between works, and clear persuasive element, but connection or argument could be further developed.Excellent connection shown between all works and writing presents a compelling case for work inclusion. 
 Mechanics of Foreword Numerous errors in grammar, including structure, punctuation and word choice.Several errors in grammar, some problems with structure, punctuation and word choice.Few errors in grammar, clear structure and good vocabulary usage.No errors in grammar, excellent structure and demonstrates clear grasp of vocabulary. 
 Content of Cover Page No cover page.Cover page has image, but no effort made for caption.Cover page has image, attempt at caption is descriptive but not persuasive.Cover page has image, attempt at caption is both descriptive and persuasive.