Conant Elementary Parker Pals

My name is Mrs. Parker and I will be your child's First Grade teacher. I am delighted to be working with you and your child this year. I’ve been teaching for 17 years and have worked with children from Kindergarten to 3rd grade. The most important thing you need to know about me is that I love working with young children! The best part about teaching is seeing a student's eyes light up when they make a connection. First Grade is an exciting year of tremendous growth! You will see a remarkable change in your child from the beginning of the year in September to the end of the year in June.

During the year your child will develop new read skills, learn spelling rules, write stories, add, subtract, acquire many new skills, and learn responsibility and so much more. Together we will partner to instill a love of learning that will last throughout your child's years of schooling!
This year Room 105 will be known as the PALS (Parker’s Awesome …) My goal is to provide an environment that is clean, safe and loving for optimal learning.






I believe that children should be in a safe, healthy, nurturing and stimulating environment. I use hands-on activities that support 'fun' and meaningful learning within the classroom. In addition, I actively use parent volunteers to support my programs. I believe that teachers and parents should work TOGETHER to educate your/our children. In addition to the academic goals set by the curriculum, I hope to develop thinking skills, communication skills, self-confidence and a love for learning in all my students.


Parents are encouraged to be involved in and out of the classroom. I will be needing assistance during learning centers and math workshops. I also need help for special occasions/activities--dates to be announced. There is plenty to do outside the classroom as well--such as coloring, stapling and cutting etc. Please sign-up if your available to volunteer. Monthly sign up will be in or outside the classroom


Center/Workshop activities help to meet the needs of children at different ability levels. I encourage students to work together to discuss and problem solve while they are at centers; therefore, this is NOT a quiet time. If you choose to work in the classroom during this time, there are a few things expected of you.First of all, you will be working with an assigned activity and small group of children. Please do not expect to work with just your child. Secondly, you should guide children through the activities, not to do the activities for them.I would appreciate that all volunteers be consistent in presence, as I will rely on them during my activities. Thank you so much for your understanding and time.


Another way to volunteer your time is to chaperone for field trips. When possible, I will take as many parents that are willing to attend. Because you will be responsible for a small group of students, SIBLINGS ARE NOT ALLOWED on field trips. 


Three  parent-teacher conference dates have been scheduled for the year. If you would like to conference at any time during the year, please contact the general office or send me an e-mail. I am available to conference as often as needed.  Conferences dates --Week of Sept.10-14, Nov.12-16 and in March.  Progress Reports are sent home in January and June.


Emergency medical sheets will be kept on file in the main office. Parents or other authorized adults listed on the emergency sheets will be contacted in case of an emergency. Please be sure that all information is accurate and complete on these cards. These cards are due the first week of school.

ABSENCES and Coming to school Late (Tardy)

If your child is unable to attend the school, please notify the office. Please notify the office and teacher of any long term vacations. It is strongly recommended that students miss as little school as possible. Attendance is taken at 9:15 if your child enters after that time they should report to the office to be signed in and lunch count if necessary.

ILLNESSESTo insure the health of all children, a child should not be sent to school with the following symptoms: fever, diarrhea, vomiting or any other communicable illness. Parents will be notified when a child is sick and needs to be sent home.  

HOMEWORK  and Daily PAL Folders

All notices, forms, letters, and reports will be organized in Daily PAL Folders.

Homework will be given on a weekly basis to compliment what your child is learning in class. Activities should be completed everyday during the week. It is highly recommended to schedule a daily homework routine each day. This should last for 30 - 45 minutes (maximum). Students should have a quiet and stress free place to work. All Homework Folders should be returned to school by Friday or Monday so I can check and pack new homework on Monday evening. Homework comes home on Tuesday.


A Monthly Lunch menu will be sent home at the end of each month. Please send lunch money in a sealed envelope if not paying online, LABELLED with your child's name and room number (Room 105). Students eat lunch in the classroom. We have a nut free classroom. No peanut products.


Scholastic book order forms will be sent home once a month in the Homework Folders. No purchase is required. If you choose to participate, the book orders are due on the day stipulated in back of the order forms. Please make checks payable SCHOLASTIC. No cash please!

SNACK and BIRTHDAYSEveryday we will have snack breaks. Snack breaks are given to add a time to relax and provide an energy boost for those hard at work bodies and brains. We assume that all children have had breakfast but if not I will keep small snacks available for children that arrive hungry. Our Classroom snack time is scheduled for 10:30 or 2:30. Each child should bring in his/her own healthy snack. Suggestions—applesauce, yogurt, crackers, veggies, fresh fruit, muffins, and water. Each child will get a 'special' recognition on or near his/her birthday. If your child has a summer birthday, we will celebrate his/her half birthday. On your child's special day, he/she will be bringing home a special birthday bag that contains The Pal Birthday Bear and a couple of birthday stories in it. Birthday Bear would like to spend the night and share in the fun. Please be sure to bring the birthday bag, bear and books the following day. Please remember that we are a 'Peanut Free Classroom' when planning birthday snacks.