World War II Project

You are a trained cultural anthropologist (a person who studies different cultures in humans). The United Nations wants your opinion on how war impacts individuals, families, and countries. Their bigger concern is going to be with how World War III might impact others, you know that it is easier to understand by looking at previous wars, specifically World War II. There is a lot of primary and secondary source information that you can get which will help you prove your point about your opinions. Your job is going to be to take at least 2 questions from above and research them, then you are going to present the information in either a poster, essay, or PowerPoint to report back.  

Essential Questions to Answer:

  • What were the main causes of World War II? 

  • What harmful effects did the war cause? 

  • What role did women play in World War II? How have women’s roles changed in society today? 

  • What were the ways that the war impacted children? Parents? 

  • How does physical destruction of a nation impact people physically and mentally? 

  • What was the Holocaust? 

  • Was the United States correct in the internment of Japanese-Americans? What was the effect of putting the Japanese-Americans in internment camps? 

  • What were the messages of U.S. propaganda during World War II? How might the messages in the propaganda influence the people of the time?