Lesson Plans

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

OPENING:  View Power-Point highlighting Ch. 14.


WORK PERIOD: Read Sect. 1, Ch. 14.

Complete Vocab for entire Chapter.


CLOSING: What did you learn today?


HOMEWORK- Create a poem about the sacrifice of land made by Native Americans and the sacrifice of freedom made by African Americans.   

 OPENING:  Teacher will discuss factors leading to the expansion of the colony of Georgia between 1789-1840.


WORK PERIOD:  Students will present 5 poems created by themselves and complete the reading of Section 2, Chapter 14.

Homework: Complete reading guides for Chapter 14.


CLOSING:  Discuss what you learned.

 OPENING:  Teacher will discuss sacrifices of both Native and African Americans during the expansion of Georgia.


WORK PERIOD: Students will present 5 poems created by themselves Review section 1 & 2 chapter 14 through a class discussion. 


CLOSING:  Discuss what you learned.

 OPENING:  Daily news update: “What say you citizen?”


WORK PERIOD: Finish up the chapter readings and work in a group to construct your completed packet of assignments. Review for upcoming exam of Chapter 14 on Friday.  Play QUIZ SHOW Chapter Review game.


CLOSING: Round Robin practice questions!

Opening:  Teacher lead discussion of Ch. 14 information.


Work period:  Complete Ch. 14 Exam.



Closing:  Teacher lead discussion covering given Test Questions.