Mrs Stinson's High School Science

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Assignments and testing

Mrs Stinson's science classes will be a lecture based classes. Students will take notes in class these will be used to study for tests/quizzes. Although some out of class assignments/projects will be expected there will not be a lot of written homework. Students are expected use this time out of class to read the text and study for tests/quizzes.

Note Quizzes [50 points each] Quizzes will be given weekly on Fridays. Students will only be allowed to use the notes they have taken in class for note quizzes.

Weekly quizzes. [50 points] Quizzes will be given weekly on Tuesdays (unless a test is scheduled this day) at the beginning the class period. A typical quiz will take about 15 minutes. Material for quizzes will come from the lecture notes.

Laboratory. [Approximately 50 points each] Lab exercises will have associated lab reports that will be turned in for the lab grade.

Tests. [500 points] There will be five Unit tests (each worth 100 points) during the semester. Each test will cover material presented in lecture, textbook readings, and lab work.

Final exam. [200 points] The final exam is comprehensive. That is, it will cover information taken from the whole semester.