Contributing to the Profession: Grade Level/ Content Specific Resources

As a new teacher it is often difficult and overwhelming to looking through so many resources and see which ones work well for each class or even students.  Below are some of my favorites that I use on a daily bases and I hope that you too find great use out of them.



  • Kahoot is game base learnning tool that I and the students have loved using.  Had it not been for CTI and my coach I would have never known about this website. I teach math, science, and AVID seminar class and this website can cover all topics and all subjects which is amazing.  You can even make your own!  Or pick some out of the millions already created.  You will absolutely love using this tool and you will never stop using it.


  • This is a great website for articles and it even includes different reading levels! Not to mention that each article comes with a small quiz to check for comprehension.  And since I teach in Spanish, they even have Spanish articles in there too!! 


  • Since I am a math teacher, I do have to put in some goodies just for math.  Tenmarks was such a great tool to use.  It gives students assignments based on how they scored on assessments.  It cuts down on your paper usage and not to mention that it grades student work right away! What teacher does not love that goody!


  • This is another great math tool.  Students and teachers will love this.  It is a game yet students are learning math! You can create assignments, add different math standards, basically a math teachers dream.