Developing as a Professional Educator

Professional Goals

To say I have no goals would be the biggest lie.  I have many goals that I want to accomplish and/or keep mastering.

  1. Managing my time 
    • ​​​​​​​I have to remember that there is only so many hours in a day and that I am only human and one person.  I often forget that and want to take on 50 million things at one time.  That can be super exhausting and is a great example of burning out as a new teacher.  Teaching is what I love to do so I have to remember to space things out and perfect a few things at a time rather than work and have chaos everyday.
  2. Planning according to the speed of the students
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As much as I have wanted to plan ahead for the week, month, or year, I cannot predict the speed of my students learning paths.  I can have the perfect plan and the perfect lesson but it means nothing if my students are not ready to learn that material.  I also have to remember that not all students are the same and hence the way that they learn and the speed is completely different.  It could also change from year to year so taking that into consideration is also something very important that I must remember 
  3. Separating professional and personal life
    • This was and sometimes is a huge problem for me.  I often want to take a million things from work home but that gets in the way of taking time to just breathe and be normal.  It took me maybe a good year and a half to stop taking a million things home and maybe take one or two from time to time.  It is important to have a well balanced life because that will only make me a better teacher to all my students.  

Staying a Connected Educator

I have always been the type of individual that loves going to school and keeping my educator tools up to date.  I plan on getting a signal subject credential in Math soon and maybe adding a second Masters under my belt.  I also love going to the trainings offered by my school distrcit because it also shows that they want their teachers to be educated on the lastest and greatest there is.  

Some other aspect in my profession that will keep me connnected as an educator is the fact that I have my BCLAD and I also have all that wonderful training.  Teaching in Spanish allows me  to inspire a whole new set of students as well as staying refreshed with two languages.  I am able to 


My energy


VP: Lora Roman "You are reflective, who wants to be a better educator and care about kids and their learning" 



My advice for new teachers........

Do not think you can take  on the world.  You have to realize that you are only human and one person.  As much as you try, not all kids will learn something at the same speed so be willing to have inner forgiveness.  I guess forgiveness is a baad word to use because forgiveness implies fault and as educators, it is important to not blame ourselves.  That is something that I struggled with and continue to strugle with til this very day.  But  this is however advice.  

Starting off as a new teacher you often want to prove that you can conquer the world.  And that can sometimes be your downfall, wanting to conquer the world but again, remember you are only one person.  You may feel like you have not touched any lives at times but then as time passes by, you realize who you have made a difference in because those students start to have so many ah-ha moments it is incredible. 

Really, really hang in there because the end is near and you will no longer be a new teacher, you will be an experienced educato. Touching hundreds of lives, one day at a time.  


Good Luck!