Amy Tapia



My name is Amy Tapia.  This school year, 2016-2017, is my 2nd year teaching at San Gorgonio Middle School in the World Language Program.  I think I always known that I wanted to be a teacher but I never really realized that I would end up with my BCLAD teaching in Spanish.  But like students, I had my own personal ah-ha moment in life and my path was created that very second.  

I will be married for 12 years this June 2017.  My husband has always been a great supporter of mine as well as my wonderful mother.  Had it not been for these two important people in my life, I am not sure where I would be.  When I often did not believe in myself or did not want to continue with something because of fear of failing, I had and continue having these two important people in my life.  

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I also met this wonderful humanbeing two years ago and that is my wonderful coach Beatriz Chavez.  She made me believe in myself when I often did not.  She often kept me sane, well honestly she still continues to do that.  She is probably the best person I have met as an educator thus far.