I am currently working the 2019 -2020 Soccer Schedule.

This page is to keep players/parents/staff up to date.  I will update this page the day of changes.

Currently NCA soccer has 12 games scheduled.  We MAY add 2 more or 4 more.  I am currently waiting to schedule with Corning Christian Academy and an Elmira Homeschool group. 


I'm working to create a Monday - Tuesday -Thursday schedule. With 2 or 3 Saturday games.

The away Co-ed games on the schedule are optional for 6th and 7th graders.  Once school begins the girls practice schedule would be only M-T-Th on days we don't have games.  The boys practice schedule is TBA.


Date Day Location Opponent Time Departure
8/27 Tuesday New Covenant Walnut St 3:30 NA
9/5 Thursday New Covenant Wellsville - Co Ed (1 game) 5:00 NA
9/10 Tuesday Walnut St Cavalry (Neutral Field) 3:30  
9/12 Thursday New Covenant Columbia County 3:30 NA
9/16 Monday Wellsville Wellsville - Co Ed (1 game) 5:00 3:00 
9/21 Saturday New Covenant River of life 10:15 NA
9/21 Monday New Covenant Sunbury 3:30 NA
9/30 Monday St. John Neumann St. John Neumann 3:30  
10/3 Thursday New Covenant St.John Neumann 3:00 NA
10/5 Saturday Wellsville Wellsville - Co Ed - coaches Challenge 10 am 8:30 AM
10/10 Thursday Walnut St Walnut St 3:00  
10/21 Monday River of Life River of Life 3:00 1:00 PM
      Co-ed Away games optional for grade 6 and 7    
      Corning Christian Academy and Elmira may be added to schedule    
      Walnut St and Bishop Neumann are located in Williamsport