Review Questions for Biology Topics

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Review Questions for Calculating Genotypic and phentoypic percentages and ratios using a Punnet Square

*Students will also answer questions on page 282 Chapter 10 Section 2 Assessment Section

1. What is a monohybrid Cross?

2. What is a Dihybrid Cross?

3. What is a Genotype?

4. What is a Phenotype?

5. Why do we need to use Punnett Squares?

6. If there were two parents one with (BB) Brown eyes and the other with (bb) Blue eyes what would be the probability that the child would have blue eyes? (Students need to use a Punnett Square to solve this problem.

Review Questions for the Stucture and Function DNA, RNA, and Protein

* Students will also answer questions on page 332 Chapter 12 Section 1 Assessment Section

1.What is Deoxyribonucliec Acid?

2. What is Ribonucleic Acid?

3. What are the Purines?

4. What are the Pyrimidines?

5. What are Chargaff's Rules?

6. What are the names of the four bases?

7. How is DNA different from RNA?

8. What does DNA stand for?

9. Who are James Watson & Francis Crick?

10. Who was Rosalind Franklin?

11. What is the shape of DNA similar to?

12. What is transcription and translation?

Review Questions for Relationships among DNA, RNA, and Protein

1. What is DNA replication?

2. What is DNA polymerase and how is it used duing the process of replication?

3. What are Okazaki Fragments?

4. What is the difference between DNA and RNA replication in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes?

5.What is Semi conservative Replication?

6. Wha is Gene Regulation?

7. What is an operon?

8. What is Eukaryotic Gene Expression and How does Gene Regulation occur in Eukaryotes?

9. What is RNA polymerase and how does it function at the cellular level?

10. What is Messenger RNA and what is it's functions?

11. What is Ribosomal RNA?

12. What is Transfer RNA and how does it function?

13. What is Transcription ?

14. What are Introns and Exons?

15. What is translation?

16. What is transcription?

17. What is a codon?

18. How does the ribosome play a role in transcritpion and translation?

Review Questions for Contributions of Biotechnology to Society

1. What is Biotechnology?

2. How has biotechnology helped our society?

3. What is selective breeding and why is selective breeding used?

4. What is genetic engineering?

5. What are restriction enzymes?

6. What is gel electrophoresis?

7. What are plasmids and how are they used?

8. What is recombinat DNA?

9. What is DNA ligase and how is it used?

10.What is Polymerase Chain reaction?

11. What are transgenic organisms?

Review Questions for Genetic Inheritance and normal patterns of Variation

1. What are Polygeneic Traits?

2. What is Chromosomal Non-Disjunction?

3. What is Crossing Over?

4. What is epistasis?

5. What are Multiple Alleles?

6. What is incomplete dominance?

7. What is codominance?

Review Questions for Mutagens and Genetic Engineering

1. What is a mutagen?

2. What are examples of mutagens?

3. What are the different types of mutagens?

4. What is a frame-shift mutation?

5. What are point mutations?

6. What is the difference between body cell and sex-cell mutation?

7. What type of mutation is sicke-cell anemia?

8. Can mutaions cause diseases and disorders?

Review Questions for Genetic Disorders

1. What is sicke-cell anemia and how is it caused?

2. What is Hemophilia?

3. What is a carrier?

4. What is a recessive disorder name two recessive disorders?

5. What is a dominant disorder name two dominnat disorders?

6. What is a pedigree and why is it used in genetics?

7. What type of disorder is Hemophilia?