Literacy Corner

In the Literacy Corner you will find the latest units of study that we will be focusing on in the classroom in Reading and Writing.  Reading and Writing in the classroom follow a workshop format.  Each day students will be introduced to or have a review of a concept/unit through a 15-20 minute teacher-led lesson with student guided practice.  Students will then have individualized reading/writing time where they will practice reading/writing independently while demonstrating skills/strategies taught in the lesson.  The last 5-10 minutes, students will discuss how they used those skills/strategies.

December 9, 2012

The current unit the students are on is, Following Characters into Meaning: Building Theories and Gathering Evidence.  In our read-aloud of Tiger Rising, we are practicing analyzing characters in depth.  They are taking what they are learning into their own books they are reading.  Students are using characters' actions, words, thoughts, and feelings to develop well thought out ideas about a character using precise and exact descriptions with support from their text. 

At home encourage your child to look deep into what traits their character display and WHY they demonstrate those.  What is the ultimate goal of the character?  Instead of students describing their character as "mean," have your child think of more precise descriptions.  Is the charcter "bossy" which is coming across as looking mean?  Why is the character acting this way? Are they intentionally being bossy or are they working towards a goal?  Are they bossy because they are determined to accomplish something?   This will help students to think deeper about their characters and add insight to the "big ideas" of the book.