At Penn Brook, we use Everyday Mathematics for our math curriculum.  In the classroom, students will use math manipulatives and Student Reference Books along with other resources to complete daily lessons whether in small groups or individually.  Throughout the week, I will be making checks for understanding and using assessment data to guide whole group instruction as well as planning for small group reteach and enrichment lessons.  Below, you will find resources here that will help your child at home on math skills and strategies practiced in the classroom.

December 16, 2012

We will be starting Unit 5: Place Value in Whole Number and Decimals this week.  Homework this week will be Unit 4 Review.  Below are a few resources you can use for Unit 5.

Unit 5 Background Info

Unit 5 Vocabulary List

Unit 5 Do Anytime Activities

Base 10 Blocks

Place Value Charts

Decimal Place Value

December 9, 2012

Unit 4: Multiplication and Division:  Students will be practicing understanding the concepts of multiplication and division.  They will be creating flash cards to help them in their multiplication facts fluency.  Below you will find resources for Unit 4, I hope you find them helpful.

Unit 4 Focus: Multiplication and Division

Unit 4: Vocabulary List

Unit 4: Anytime Activities

This week's lessons:  Below you find the Home Link (homework page) for each lesson this week.  A link to the answers is available for you to use to check your child's work.

Monday: Lesson 4.7  Home Link   Answers

Tuesday: Lesson 4.8  Home Link   Answers

Wednesday: Lesson 4.9  Home Link   Answers

Thursday: Lesson 4.10  Home Link   Answers (no answers for this lesson)

Friday: Lesson 4.11  Progress Check: Students will review for their math test on Tuesday 12/18.  Monday 12/17 will also be used as a review day in class.