Sixth Grade English Class

Please allow me to welcome you formally to my sixth grade homepage.  As a sixth grade teacher I am anxiously waiting to meet you and get our school year off to a great start.  You can expect to find much useful information within my homepage.  The following links that you will see will enable you to quickly view your student’s achievements throughout the school year and see the work they have done. You will be able to quickly contact me by clicking on my email address under the school and my information tabs.  You will also be able to find volunteer information within my homepage so that you may be able to volunteer within our school this year, whether it is in my class or for the school’s PTA.   Please feel free to use our site map to get a feel of my home page and the useful information it has to offer.  As parents you will need to know your students schedule each day so that you can have an expectation of what my students will be doing throughout the day, you can may also find it on my homepage.  It would be beneficial to my parents to know this information as well so if students were to be out of school early on any given day, they would know exactly when to do so, in order not to miss pertinence learning time/s for the day. My site will help to integrate learning with my students as it will have homework and classroom help for my students throughout the year. Parents will also be able to leave comments and search my site for information during the year.  My class curriculum will allow you to see what your students are learning and what will be expected of them this school year.  I have a handy student section that will allow children to do activities to help them stay on top of their school work while in school or not in school.  For example while on vacation or out of school from day to day students will be able to see what assessments or assignments they are missing and how they can do practice assignments or activities to help keep them in the loop.  Our parents section is for all parents to keep informed with our classroom and know what we are doing so that you may stay involved with us throughout the year.  For instance as a parent you may be able to share your own ideas for our classroom and you may be able to volunteer your services for a class project or as a classroom reader or story teller to help us during the year.  I look forward to working with you and my students this school year. Once again my contact information as well as the schools information is listed on homepage you may contact me as you deem necessary or feel free to do so for any questions.  I look forwarding to hearing from you. I am gladly looking forward to a fantastic year of learning and exploration.    Sincerely,  Mrs. Arlette Gilbert Sixth Grade Faculty